Fatuma Musa Afrah





Empowerment workshops, speeches, get together events with Newcomers and the Host community (United Action in Facebook)

Speeches (keynote and Motivational), topics related to refugees, integration, empowerment of Newcomers, gated community, political


2016 Newcomers Empowerment Speech | Flüchtlingsrat, Wismar

2016 Political demand, opportunities for refugee women | Re:publica, Berlin

2016 Project evaluation Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe | Somalia

2016 Refugees and digital self-organisation [keynote speaker] | HKW (Haus der Kulturen der Welt) Berlin

2016 Intern Bundestag, Claudia Roths Buro | Berlin

2015 Gated Communities [keynote speaker] | Chaos Computer Club, Hamburg

2015 Projekt consultancy for “BABEL” [community building and integration]  | Rostock

2015 Closed for Migration, open for export [panel and speech] | Re:publica, Berlin

2015 Refugee Solidarity Mainz [speech] | Mainz

2015  Migration, flight and instability – current failures and alternative mechanism [panel and speech]  | Humanitarian Congress, Berlin

2012 – 2014  Social worker at Terre Des Hommes | Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya

2011 – 2012 Protection Officer, Intersom Relief Aid | Mogadishu, Somalia

2009 – 2010  Intern, Save the children | Dadaab Refugee camp, Kenya

2010 Student Leadership Management Seminar,Milele Beach | Mombasa, Kenya

2008 Training in Community Based First Aid, Kenya Red Cross Office | Mombasa,Kenya

2008 Training in HIV/AIDS prevention,care and support Training by US AID/Aphia ii cost | Mombasa, Kenya

2007 Training in Bronze Navigator, Leadership and Organisational Skills, Garissa Farmers Training College by Presidents Award | Kenya